Dating may be a terrifying experience for all of us, but this is especially true if you’re disabled. Nowadays, social networking sites like MySpace and Facebook are the modern day allegory of the old meet and greet.   These sites can help you in getting to know people, with the added benefit of not having to actually meet them face to face. But whatever method you opt to meet people, there are some basic tips to making dating easier. These tips are specifically designed for disabled dating.

First and foremost, it’s important to maintain your attention on your date, and not your disability. You may be nervous and insecure if you are consistently thinking about your disability. If you are continuously intent on your disability, you can bring more attention to it when you’re on your date. Some people worry about it so much that they make the mistake of trying to impress their date by concealing all their imperfections.  You wish your date to like you for who you are, so you must never try to put on a fake persona to impress someone.

You even have to figure out how to tell the difference between concern and pity. People who’ve never dated a person with disabilities could be uneducated of that person’s capabilities, and this can be misunderstood as pity. You need to understand and not get defensive, because it’s just a result of them being nervous and unsure. 

It even helps to be equipped to laugh at yourself, especially in those strange moments. Being able to laugh at yourself will work to lessen the stress and anxiety of the date, and will also show the person your sense of humor.  Work and establish some comfort level at the very beginning of the date. This could help to keep the night flowing smoothly, and lessen the number of awkward moments.

Getting comfortable and taking your time talking to your disabled date is also very important. However you must never reveal too much personal information, especially on the first date. You need to establish a large level of trust with people before you start revealing personal details about your life. Through this you will lower your risk of being taken advantage of. You want to be cognizant of the fact that you can’t trust people until you get to know them.

You even need to remember that just because you’re disabled, that doesn’t mean you have to settle. You have the right to date someone that you’re actually interested in. By just settling for the first person who offers a little interest, you are depriving yourself of the chance to find your true match. You additionally have to be honest with yourself at all times. Realize that merely because you happen to possess a disability, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve happiness. Keep in mind, the first date is simply a tryout to find out if you have anything in common with the other person.

It’s also never smart to get too much to drink on the first date. Drinking too much can hinder your judgment, leaving you to make poor decisions and take risks. Don’t offer someone a chance to take advantage of you and your situation. 

Trusting your feelings is almost the most important dating for disabled tip of all. If you have a gut feeling that dating a specific person is wrong or not safe, then you need to follow that instinct, even if it means leaving the date early. If you keep these tips in mind, then you can increase your chances of meeting that someone special.