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feeling rejected

Hi, my name is Albert Sargent. I am the admin of this site. I see many of guys who have dating problems with woman. Guys who have made a good start, just ended with premature breakup, and the girls whom they ever got along with just stand aloof afterwards.   
Physically, there is nothing wrong with their look, they all are good looking, and they are men with money. But why all ended with breakup in the middle.
Some guys even have no confidence to make a start.
This problem with feeling rejected makes them desperate without knowing if they have potential to become a good lover. What is the problem? The answers are discussed in this site.

I am building this site with support of my partner John Alexander who ever had dating problems and now he is an artist in dating and love making.

Alone in his bed, feeling rejected. For years that was John Alexander’s entire love life.
He was a senior at a party college — and STILL a virgin. The school was loaded with hot, horny girls… but success was always for other guys, never for him.
Sure, he made a few female friends — and he was the nice guy who listened to their feelings and jumped at any chance to hang out with them…..but it was always the other guys who got laid.
And of course, women would complain to John about how much of a “jerk” some guy was and how “all he wants is sex.”

Then they’d add, “why can’t he be a nice guy like you?”

The girls never had sex with John of course. (They never do with low self-esteem beta males no matter how “nice” they are.)

John didn’t have much going for him. He wasn’t athletic. He wasn’t outgoing or good at making conversation. Nor was he a guy who could make you laugh.
And he didn’t have any money, a nice car or good looks.
The only advantage he had was his obsessive study of human psychology and biology, and his obsessive drive for self improvement.

You see, he’s always had a passion for the human mind and why people act the way they do…..and what he stumbled on were the secrets that changed his life in the most incredible ways you could imagine.
And what’s amazing was how easy it is now for him to get girls.
This seduction system he developed in very easy because it’s based on improving yourself and acting naturally. It’s not like the other seduction systems that require you to memorize gobs of routines, hypnotic patterns, and other tricks that require a lot of work.
And so the reality now is that any guy can get women… no matter what you look like… how little money you have… and even if you’ve been a total loser with women. You just have to use the mind you were born with.
And that’s what John Alexander will show you how to do through his articles which are featuring this site.