Are you really struggling after a romance separation? Well you’re not alone. Anyone who claims it’s easy to deal with a break up is either faking it or they were never truly struggling in love. The truth is, when a romance breaks up, there is often a lot of heartache and shock. How you deal with that is entirely dependent on whether you want to rekindle your romance or you simply want to find a way to go forward and live your life without your ex.

Assuming you really want to make up with your ex, there are some simple steps that you can take to make this happen. Naturally there will be days and weeks when you are on your own after a relationship breakup, but the last thing that you should do throughout this time is to panic and despair.

What’s good to be aware of is that it is these days and weeks, that will prepare you for a successful make-up with your ex and, more importantly, help you keep them. So accept that your relationship has broken up and do so without panicking. 

Your subsequent move should be to start thinking about what went wrong. The only way you are going to productively make up with your ex, is if you explore honestly and clearly, what went completely wrong. If you made a mistake and don’t recognize how to put things right, then that’s the primary thing you’ll have to deal with. If you were unfaithful to your ex then you need to explore for yourself why. If your mistake was that you did not spend enough time with your ex, then you need to look carefully at your schedule and decide what you can alter to prove to your ex that you are really serious about them.

An additional point that you should keep in mind is that for some folks it’s all too easy to stick with what they know rather than take that leap and carry on with their lives. After a romance break up ask yourself these questions: “Do you genuinely want to make up with your ex because you genuinely love them?  Do you want to make up with your ex because it’s easier than moving on?”

To answer these questions honestly you will truly have to do some soul-searching. Above all, don’t attempt to rekindle a toxic romantic relationship. The unknown is often scary, but if your romance was not good for you or your ex, then you should honestly think about moving on. This will take bravery, but in the long term it will be the best thing to do.

Whatever you decide to do after a romantic relationship split up, remember, you do have a golden moment to truly stop and think and take into account which way you want to move forward: do you want to rekindle the romantic relationship or is it time to move on?

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