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Dealing With Break Up and Having Trouble in Coping with Break Up

Dealing with a break up and having trouble in coping with the beak up is an accepted response. You are not the only person to go through this, trust me, there is no humiliation attached to a break up. The first thing I advise you to do after it occurs is to consider best way for you of dealing with the break up.

Reactions normally are divided into two sections:

Self destruction – by letting the breakup break you apart, this is instantaneous reaction, which you need to overcome and move on, I find that friends or family are the best help in dealing with break up.

Overcoming it – this way you will become more complete, there is a poem that tells it as it is
“That which does not kill you
Makes you stronger
For the heart is like any other muscle
Without pain there is no gain”….

Your whole attitude and outlook will let you understand you how well you will be dealing with break up.

You will probably never had to face such a frightening situation, but you do not have to let it destroy you, keep this verse be with you, so that you can look at it when you are feeling down, surviving this will definitely mark out your future.

Divorce or the split up of a relationship is always easier said than done especially if it was because of the infidelity or an affair. You may have doubts about your self-worth. If these feelings are becoming overwhelming then seek counseling to help you cope. This is especially true if the break up came about if any sort of abuse was involved.

If you cannot look as if you will get over your feelings of doubt about your self-esteem then seek help, “problems shared are problems halved” and until you deal the break up now, it will cause long term problems.

Positive thinking, when dealing with a break up, must govern your feelings, it is all over now. A friend of mine said, of her ex, when this happened to her “Thank you for not wasting any more of my time…….NEXT!” this will help you become a stronger person. Put succinctly it shows you that there is a life to look forward to, learning from the affair will make you a much better person in future.

“Thank you for not wasting any more of my time…….NEXT!” Keep repeating this to yourself, there is a new life in front of you and this time you will thrive. Every day is a new day, just focus yourself on the good things in your life and that you have a better life to look forward to. As your belief in yourself grows a little bit stronger every day, you will see that “the best is yet to come”, dealing with the past will gradually stop being a problem.

So, dealing with break up can be difficult thing and it can also be an easy thing, both are very dependant on you, how you see and respond to break up.

Just think life’s hick-ups need only be overpowering, if you let them, this breakup does not define your life. It is the firm ground to build your future from now on.

Dealing with a break up – having trouble coping with the break up – one day you will come to feel – What break up?

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Deal With Break Up

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