Does My Ex Want To Get Back With Me What Do I Do?

If your ex is showing you a dash of interest, or seems keen on going out and spending time with you than before, or perhaps if you see signs that your ex is trying to flirt with you, then it is okay to be a little encouraged but you should refrain from moving too fast. Have you been asking yourself “does my ex want to get back with me”?

These are certainly quite normal clues that your ex has an interest in getting you back. But even if you want to get back with your ex, you ought not simply jump into things. The best way to play things is to play hard to get (in moderation), which is possibly what your ex will best react to anyhow. If you ever simply jump into things full force, you may then find your ex driving you back again. In fact, if your ex is giving indications that he or she would like you back, then the odds are, it was you playing hard to get that led to the renewed interest to start with.

Typically when you break up with your ex, or he or she breaks up with you, there is a natural level of missing one another, or yearning to get back together. This is especially valid following a romantic relationship of a year or longer. Your ex is likely to miss you no matter what, because of how many memories have been shared jointly during this length of time. Yet there are other feelings which enter into play among them earlier regrets. If you’re wondering “does my ex want to get back with me” chances are that your ex may be pondering the same thing for the same reasons.

Occasionally when an ex shows interest once again after a separation however, it is only a game. They may see that you love them, and they may merely be trying to get attention, without actually intending to get you back. So, unless your ex really seems genuinely interested in spending time with you, they might be passing the time since they have no other prospects on the horizon. Plus worst of all they  may see this as a method to get vengeance for some perceived wrong. This is why it is important not to act rashly, and why you need to focus on reading into the situation before you act on it.

This is common, and lots of people find themselves wondering “does my ex want to get back with me?”, but the truth is, its better to get a feel for the situation before you decide to act. The simple truth is, if your ex does want to get back with you, actively playing hard to get (in moderation) is the better scenario since it will prevent you from getting hurt if your ex isn’t seriously interested in getting back with you.