Getting a girl to go out with you is stressful already, but planning your date night? Your stress levels may shoot up to an all time high! Don’t worry. With a little work on your communication skills, you can have a night you and your date won’t forget.

Improving your communication skills can help in making your date night something both of you will enjoy. Learn how to talk and listen. Watch out for body language as well. Body signals can tell you as much about a person as verbal conversation. Sometimes, a girl would want to make that connection with you right on the first meeting, but this is more of the exception than the rule. You can, however, make conversation so relaxing and enjoyable that it can almost pass for that magical rapport.

When talking to her, maintain eye contact. Constant gazing around the room could make you look distracted, inattentive, or worse, bored. Also, as a rule, never ogle at other women during your date. The objective of the night is to get to know her more. This is your chance (which can be your last, mind you), so pay close attention.

Next, get her to warm up to you by asking open-ended questions. Instead of asking her if she likes football, ask her what she does in her spare time. Not only will you get her to talk more, this will also give you the opportunity to show off your listening skills. Don’t forget that a good conversationalist is a good speaker and a good listener.

Think about topics that you’d want to talk about in advance. Music is a universal topic and a safe one at that. Everyone has a favorite song or singer. Ask her what she’s currently listening to, or which artist is her favorite.

Another good topic would be hobbies. After all, hobbies are always a part of any getting-to-know-you conversation. Ask her how she spends her spare time. Is she into travelling? Photography? Cooking? Whatever her inclinations are, you’ll almost always find a common interest.

Pets are also a topic most people want to talk about. If she owns one, ask her about it. Pet owners often get excited and animated when talking about their beloved pets. You can always ask her why if she tells you she doesn’t have one.

If you talk more about stuff that you both like, you’ll have a more relaxed and comfortable time with each other. Not only will you be less nervous, you’ll also have a greater chance of an enjoyable date night and, maybe, even a second date.

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