If you have ever found yourself in a exciting, radiant relationship then it can be the finest feeling in the whole world. You feel cherished, its enjoyable and the world seems to be just a bit richer and fulfilled.  Inside you feel brilliant, and everything around you seems just a bit sparklier

Now, on the other hand, when things go drastically wrong in the relationship the reverse is correct.  And on the other hand, when everything starts being troublesome and uneasy, then it can be a real call to wake up to the reality of your relationship. Suddenly you can sense that there is no-one to help you out, because your rock, your boyfriend is the person you are having the problems with!  Because you all of a sudden have a wake up call that the world does have dark clouds, and that there may be problems in paradise when it comes to the way things are with your boyfriend.

 So, what does this mean? Well, often times things can just keep on cascading down and it ends up at the point where you eventually break up and notions of how to get your ex boyfriend back are not high on your list of thoughts!. And having reached this stage you will typically find one of two scenarios:

1/ You can relex a little now that the arguements have stopped
2/ That now that you are on your own the tension had decreased and you can relax a little.

Ordinarily this may last for a little while. But then, you quickly find that you actually miss them rather a lot! Now, when that realisation hits you, different women approach it in different ways. Some simply put it down to factors of loneliness or getting used to an unfamiliar situation (being single). Whilst others rationalise that he was a “bit of a bastard” and that they are definitely better off without him.

All of these thoughts may well be totally or at least partly true. But the fact remains that if you miss your ex boyfriend then something is going on, and you need to deal with it. Now, dealing with it doesn’t neccessarily mean that you should learn how to get my ex boyfriend back so that you can be together again. Though, that is obviously one way to go.

In any case, you will want to dig into your own reasoning as to why you really want him back. Was he great company? Did he make you laugh? Did he have a sexy bottom that you can still picture in your mind?  And though he could be difficult at times, you would, on balance, still prefer to be with him then without him. You can probably picture it in your mind right now, or else hear what he might have said to you in your current position. What would his advice have been? You know yourself when the good in a relationship outweighs the bad, and getting your ex boyfriend back seems like a very natural thing to do. As it is easy to guage that relationships have both good and bad elements, and that even though you clearly did break-up, that the situation can be reprived if you are both willing to work at it.

If you are still thinking about your ex then take off the rose colored spectacles for a second and be honest about your motivations. You know that there were good and bad aspects. But was it worth it? Was it really? Be honest. This is your life and if you are going to have a good stab at getting your ex boyfriend back then you need to be committed to the process, and not wimp out half way because you haven’t really thought it through properly.

So, this has all been leading up to you actually taking action and getting this done! You have done your thinking work. You now want it DONE and your ex boyfriend back in your arms. What can you do? The first thing you can do is to pat yourself on the back, safe in the knowledge that you have done the hard part! The hard part was to be clear with yourself about what it was you were REALLY looking for in your relationship. Once you know that then you have a much greater chance that your relationship will ultinmatetely be successful. I found this resource for Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back extremely useful when I was exploring with different female clients how to go about this. It digs into the detail. The step by steps. And I am sure you will find it useful.

You can do this! Decide the Why and the How can happen quickly.