Being naturally shy can fill your head with ideas that may not matter much in the ‘dating game’. For instance, the notion of touching can be a challenge to most men because they don’t know whether it’s ok or not ok to touch while flirting with a woman.

To clear it up, here’s what you should remember. Done right, if you ads touch to your interaction with a woman, you can build rapport and familiarity very quickly and deepen your connection with her; all while keeping it very casual, fun and light.

You should have at least one technique for initiating touch during flirting in your arsenall. If you don’t have one yet, here are three effective ways of using touch to improve your dating game.

1) Forehead touching.
This technique works best when you’re approaching a girl who looks a bit withdrawn or sand, or who is sitting on her own. You can ask her if she’s OK and lightly touch her forehead, as if to feel for a fever. If you really is feeling here, she will appreciate your concern and friendly gesture. If she’s just border having a bad day, she will still appreciate your friendly gesture and it’s a great way to open her for further conversation.

2) The slightly more intimate high-five.
Given the right opportunity, a high five can be a great way to initiate touch in a very casual manner. The only problem is that a high five is almost too casual. Is there a way to turn a high five into a lingering handshake? There is. All you need to do is high-five her and then let your touch linger just a little bit longer than usual, tilting your hand sideways a bit and giving her hand a brief squeeze. This way, an impersonal gesture becomes extremely personal and heart-stopping.  

3) Lean in and whisper.
In bars and clubs, it’s usually very noisy and it’s almost impossible to find a place to talk more privately. This is something you can use to your advantage. I need not say that conversation in this kind of situation could get tricky if you and your girl don’t lean over and whisper to each other. You can, of course, just lean in and bark into her ear, but that’s not exactly sexy and won’t build any attraction. There’s a better way to do this. Even when it’s loud, try to speak naturally, without shouting. Next, you need to take the plunge and lean deep, with your lips almost touching her ear.

Once you’ve mastered these three techniques you can learn more advanced techniques for how to flirt with women.

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