Wouldn’t you prefer getting to a higher place in your life than you have ever experienced?  If so, then it is important to focus on getting better than ever. If you haven’t yet begun a pain management program, there is no more fruitful time than now to put one together. It needs to be easy enough that you can stick to it. If you are in chronic pain, you qualify for first rate quality care, including a physical therapist or other professional (suited~appropriate}to your needs. Help comes in many forms. You in truth need to be amenable to ask, seek it and be open to it: when it arrives, utilize it.

A while ago, I recovered from an episode of paralyzing stress headaches. By picturing an exhilaratingmoment in life that I had felt when I worked as a park ranger, my whole body began to heal itself.  I was also taking fiorcet pain medication, which helped relieve my misery, in order to keep going to work  and take care of my infant  sweetie-pie.

I see myself standing on a secluded section of the lakeshore during my lunch break as a national park naturlist ranger, taking off my official uniform.  Witnessing the perfection  I am poised to take a dip into the 50 degree, dappled water.

Because I am able to imagine this wonderful state of being, I am already intellectually and emotionally creatingthe world. I think and feel delight to my core. I practiced visualization every morning and evening while I was suffering the headaches.  My head-ache wretchedness, which had taken me to the brink of being able to cope, in terms of pain and ability to hit the bull’s eye at work… or keep patience as a parent at home, contained a life-enhancing opportunity. I discovered the healing power of visualization. This became into a treasure as a way to fulfill my life in other fields – to help me realize greater potential in general.

Above all, never give up. Your unique experience of pain (including a crisis and all the chaos it can attract) can actually become a means to surpassing your previous notion or comprehension of health and happiness.  It can be seen as a combination of opportunity and danger. In this sense, wouldn’t you also like to seize the opportunity that presents itself to you, as well as heed the peril in your situation?

When I got those horrible headaches, I discovered a way to embrace and get high on nature via visualization of my favorite swim spot in the Tetons amidst my hectic urban life as a fashion model and mom of an 8-month old.

Lately I have pictured  my pain management program for a back ailment I developed as a sojourn, in which I dance in an upward motion along a golden spiraling that reaches toward spectacular heights of well-being.  Here it is not only pain free, but my consciousness overflows with of love, harmony, peace and joy. Just imagine how this place on the spiral looks, feels and sounds, a  paradise} in vivid deal, including orgasmic, light-filled waves of sound.  

Perhaps we will join there, It’s simple… a  miraculous way to create a pain free spiral,  with the power of our minds.  The chronic pain disappeared, much like it developed – gradually. That summertime I returned to the vigor, fervor and happiness of mountain life in a national park.  Only this time I negotiated a high-camp ascent with my baby along in a backpack, a genuine peak experience!  I will never leave that winning combination of butalbital pain medication, the visualization technique and simple muscle relaxation exercises.