One of the most difficult parts of our way of life is perhaps is if you notice a family member leave. Especially if he or she is the girlfriend or boyfriend. It’s a depressing moment. When you and your spouse have spent years together, spent happy memories together and all of a sudden, everything ends, the same as that. That is a very distressful scenario. Unfortunately, this scenario is common for most of us. Just about everyone had experience this type of situation before. Some survived the break up and came out victoriously and some broke down eventually. We don’t want that to occur in our way of life. If we are emotionally weak, everything would get affected and everything would crumble down. So what are you going to do?

It’s okay to allow wounds to heal. Take a moment to think about yourself. It is always the best thing to give one another space. You must not force your partner to reconcile at once; this really is not recommended. Let it heal, allow items to subside. If you really want to get your ex back even though it’s following a year of no communication and stuff, first of all, just be sure that she isn’t having a relationship with somebody new. As if you, I am not exempted; I also experienced this “break up” thing. It’s painful, it’s horrible and i feel you. I know how it feels; I understand how depressing it is. But it is totally not right to pull her or him immediately, or following the break up. You have to let it heal. If you really want to get your ex back, here are a few sound advice:

1. Reflection – know very well what went wrong. Realise why the relationship turned sour, whoever else completed to worsen. Don’t blame yourself but instead, look at the mistake as something constructive. Gain knowledge from the mistake if ever you who is the cause of getting over after a break up. Take into account the stuff that you lack or you overdid. Take into account the other party’s mistakes too. This would all assist you to.
2. Forget about getting her back in an instant – it isn’t going to happen. It’s like a wound, it doesn’t easily heal. It won’t be easy if you tried and it might cause further depression. TIME is an essential thing here so offer her all the time she needs.
3. Determine – try to determine should your ex be still exactly the same person who you fell in love with. People change with time and that change may not or might suit you well. So this is very important. Be aware of change that took place following a year.
4. Go slow – don’t rush into asking her to get back together again. That might not be a goo idea.

You might start with asking her to be friends along with you. Start out right because starting it in the right path would bear far greater results. Stick to the steps and you will be alright! You’d definitely get your ex boyfriend back even if you’re apart after a year.