If you’re one of the many guys who’ve lost their love due mostly to neglect and not understanding the real needs of a woman, then welcome to the club! The good news for most guys – except those who physically or psycho-emotionally abused their wife – there is hope. Winning your ex wife back will require a significant amount of time and effort. A woman is driven by her feelings and emotions and the end of your relationship generally indicates that your ex was not having her emotional needs met. So, you may be able to get your ex back.

To ensure a successful relationship the next time around, you may find that you will be required to change certain things about yourself. If you can’t make the necessary changes then it’s probably best not to even try – since the same end will probably result. If you feel that you can successfully make changes in order to sufficiently support her emotionally, the first step in getting your ex wife back will be to contact her. Contact her at a time you feel is most appropriate. Be sure not to leave it too long as there may already be other men interested in her.

Contact does not have to be in the form of a phone call, it may also be made as a text message or an e-mail, and will simply be aimed at checking on her well being. From here you will be able to build contact up and move into the next step to get ex back.

Each time you contact her, be aware and ensure you listen to what she does and does not say. Remember, non-verbal cues will give you an indication of how she’s feeling and what she expects from you.

Show her that your interest is genuine by being attentive. One of the most important things a woman needs in a relationship is to feel that her opinions and feelings are valued by her partner.

Flirting at this point can backfire but being complimentary never will. Nothing makes a woman happier or more beautiful than when she knows she is desired by a man. Be sure to keep it subtle and not to rush things if you really want to get ex back.

Be a friend for her, but be careful not become just a friend. Once you cross this line there is no going back and you remain just a friend forever. To ensure this does not happen, remain attentive, yet somewhat detached. Don’t do or say anything that will come across as phony – remember, you know this woman, right?

By taking it slow and showing her you are capable of giving her everything that she requires emotionally, it is possible to get your ex wife back.