I’m sure you’ve seen the movies where the guy always gets the girl. They have their ups and downs but it all works out great in the end.

Unfortunately, that’s not the way it goes in real life. Unless a man knows what he’s doing, he’s likely to be rejected by women more often than not. Naturally, that can lead to feelings of insecurity. The guy can’t help but project this inner attitude through his body language and other nonverbal cues, which makes even less likely that he’ll be successful with women.

That’s not a great situation to be in.

Perfectly decent, well intended men get shot down all the time. It’s not that women want to be miserable to men. Quite the opposite – women want to meet men as much as men want to meet woman. It’s just that the men approach them in the wrong way.

It doesn’t have to be that way. There are some approaches that work extremely well with women. This shouldn’t be too surprising. Sexual attraction is part of our physiology. Yes, it’s true that society and culture have put layers of civility over our sexuality, but it’s equally true that the hard wiring for sexual desire and interaction is present in both men and women.

The trick is to know how to take advantage of this physiology and use it in a positive way.

If you look around at all, you’ll find a number of seduction guides promising to make you successful with women. Many, if not most, are compilation of dumb tactics such as cheesy pickup lines. I suppose you get a few ideas from some of them, but they really aren’t that helpful.

There are, however, seduction guides that work at a deeper level. They teach you how to trigger the physiology of desire.

In this category, I can highly recommend Guy Gets Girl. I think a big part of why this is so good is that it is written by a woman so you find out what works from a woman’s viewpoint. It’s very powerful stuff.

You can get more details about this seduction manual at Guy Gets Girl Review.

Get an idea of how you can use psychology in your favor check out how to seduce a woman using the “deflection technique”.

With the right information, you can have the odds of the dating game usually in your favor.