If you’re a fellow,you are a guy, you may well understand the issue that lies in attracting women. Of course,it is difficult to woo a woman but not absolutely very unlikely.With a bit of brains and some chivalry, you are certain to galvanize the girl you like. These are some tips that will be of great help.

One of the biggest urban legends when it comes to dating is that ‘looks don’t matter’.A lady definitely will notice how you look even if she is mouthing these words. While you may not be star material, you can definitely make yourself look good. All you must do is target your grooming. Start by focusing on personal hygiene- take a shower, scrub yourself clean, trim your nails and buff them. Being respectable is one of the 1st things that would attract a lady.Also, make sure that you smell great at all times as girls have a propensity to blow off fellows who’ve bad body odor. Therefore , a nice cologne or aftershave will help you bring her nearer to you and not drive her away.

A good sense of humor can also go a long way in attracting women. Women enjoy guffawing and therefore men with the ability to make them snort have an improved chance of scoring with them than those that don’t.A good humorous personality promotes comfort and guys who possess it have a tendency to make the females around them feel completely cushty.However,the trick is to make it seem easy,since trying too hard can have quite the damaging effect on your female companion. So crack a joke or 2 and be smart whenever the situation demands it and you’re sure to bowl over any woman within hearing proximity.

The best way to flatter a woman is to hear her. Women are always keen on men who focus on what they’re saying. So, even if you’re not particularly interested in what she has to say, try and look as engrossed as practicable and definitely keep your ears open. A look of disinterest could put her off. You can also join in on the conversation now and then to show that you are listening-a move that’s sure to make her feel special.

Nothing can work better than your charm when you are trying to draw attention of a girl. Stuff like clean-cut looks and humor holds no importance if you fail on the basic criterion of charming her off. Do not think that buying expensive gift gift for a woman is the sole trick to impress a girl. What is more urgent here is to do something that makes her think that you care for her and remember her always. You can consider giving her a surprise. This is certainly going to woo her as she will begin to believe that she’s somebody special in your life.

Keep these simple rules under consideration and there is no stopping you from reaching her heart.

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