If you want to know how to attract a women you definitely need to be able to use physical contact effectively. Used the right way, touching a woman can intensify attraction and desire signficantly. If you’re attempting to seduce a woman, touching appropriately can move things along quite nicely.

But beware – done wrong and it can absolutely turn her off.

These suggestion will help you initiate touch in a way that ups attraction.
 A man who knows how to attract and seduce women handles that smoothly. But too many men make mistakes. These desire-killing missteps tend to be one of two types: too much or too little.


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In the too much category, some men start pawing or inappropriately touching a woman shortly after meeting her.  If you really think that is a way to attract women, I’m not sure how much I can do to help you.

Other men go to the opposite extreme. These guys go out of their way to avoid contact. They usually have the mistaken idea that this somehow shows respect and makes them attractive. Or they’re just afraid to make a move. Whatever the reason they need to get over it.

Appropriate physical contact heightens the sense of connection and makes a woman feel closer to you sooner. Avoid contact, and a woman may start thinking of you as aloof or uninterested. Perhaps worse, she might conclude that you’re not much of a man.

So what’s the right approach?

The balance you want to strike it showing respect while simultaneously conveying that you’re a confident guy who’s comfortable around women. The exact way to do that will vary and you’ll get better at it with practice. Here’s a safe way to start that works in almost every situation.

When you first meet a woman, avoid any touch on an area that might remotely be considered erotic. A generally safe place for a first contact is the outside of her upper arm. There are a few re3asons why this is a good place to start.

First,the upper arm is not an erogenous zone. As importantly, it is easy to do in the normal flow of a conversation – you can lightly and briefly touch her arm as you’re speaking or asking a question. If you touch while you’re talking, you convdy an interest in the conversation and the woman you’re having it with.

This simple technique lets you safely introduce physical contact into your interaction with a women. You can get some more ideas to help you out at using physical contact to build attraction.

As you’d expect, you’re going to need to do more than institute a simple touch to be successful with women. You’d probably benefit from expert coaching. Click here to learn about one of the best guides to attracting women I’ve seen.

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