There is no relationship without conflict. Since God has not made any two folk alike, there’s sure to be a difference of opinion.This results in a conflict, which at times takes the form of a unpleasant discourse.Sometimes, small conflict can even end up damaging the relationship. Therefore,it would only be wise if you learn to avoid conflict.

Be more open to listening. Learning to listen is one of the most important ways by which you can avoid arguments based on petty reasons. Most people tend to get into fights on account of an inherent incapability to listen to what the other person is exclaiming.So make sure you listen to one another correctly before replying. If both parties are talking concurrently,there would be no-one to hear what’s basically being said.

Exercise patience. No matter how irritating and irksome the things becomes, it is essential to not lose your cool. Don’t make the error of hitting the individual or screaming at the top of your voice in the middle of the disagreements.If you find it troublesome to govern your temper, it is recommended to do a count of 10. You can also try to visualize things that make you euphoric. As an example you can always visualise about the place you would like to visit. This will appease your senses and hence will calm you down. This will help you take the conversation or the discussion forward in very calm and composed demeanour.

Empathize.This is the best thing that you can do to avoid catfights. Try putting yourself in your partner’s shoes. This will help you understand his/her perspective better. Once you understand what your partner is trying to say, the scope of any kind of conflict reduces considerably. Even if you are unable to understand what your partner’s point of view is, make sure that you respect the same.

It is good to fight at times, but only when the fights are fair. If you can resolve an issue by fighting, then you might as well go ahead. However, it is important that you keep it fair at all times. Don’t pick up old instances or things gone by. Let bygones be bygones and concentrate on the present problem. Dragging your past will only make things worse.

Fighting doesn’t mean that you can go all tacky and nasty with the other person. In the midst of the most foul of fights you shouldn’t lose respect for the person at the other end. Regardless of how seething and irritated you are it’s not justified to call your other half names. Also you must steer clear of making any harsh and inappropriate comment about your other half. In addition try to scale down your volume even if you are fighting. You can have a conflict without the necessity to raise your volume too. Ladies are endorsed to avoid sobbing or crying as this can make things difficult for men to handle and the controversy too, comes to a sudden halt.

Conflict in any relationship is inevitable. It is up to you how you choose to deal with it. You can either let it affect your relationship or resolve it peacefully. So, go ahead and make a decision.

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