Flirting is probably the most fundamental dating skill you can have.  If you’re good at flirting, you can quickly and easily get in contact with women and they will enjoy being around you.  Good flirting is not about impressing a girl or “getting into her pants”. Good flirting is about initiating a playful kind of contact and getting a “feel” for your opposite. Creating sexual attraction and seducing her as things that come at a later stage.

Follow these simple tips when flirting with women:

1) Relax, be natural.
Don’t try to come off as the big alpha male and don’t try to “get her” with cool pick up lines.  If you come on too strong, she will probably feel cornered and will try to get away from the conversation.

2) Talk less, listen more.
Everybody enjoys talking about themselves.  We are all the most important person in our lives.  Don’t spend all evening talking about yourself, instead, ask her open questions about herself and then listen to what she has to say.  Take a genuine interest in what she tells you.  Nothing is more flattering than genuine interest.  Strangely enough, if you let her talk about herself and listen to what she has to say, that will make you the most interesting person in the room (in her eyes).
Obviously, you should also spent some time talking about yourself but make sure that you give her more time menu taken up for yourself.

3. Be authentic and straight-forward.
Things don’t always go perfectly smoothly.  If that happens, don’t try to ignore it away.  That’s what everybody else does.  If it seems that she’s losing interest, don’t just ramble on.  Instead, you could try commenting on her lack of interest (making a joke about it) or even excusing herself and leaving the conversation.  If you exit the conversation before she does, that will automatically make you more interesting.
If there is an awkward silence, don’t start fiddling with your watch or your drink, instead make a joke about the awkward silence or again, disengage from the conversation.

4. Be a bit provocative.
This fourth tip is very important, because this is what makes flirting fun.  These her from time to time and test the boundaries of for sense of humour (gently).  Remember that a completely polite, courteous and politically correct conversation is a boring one.  Being a bit cocky and making a few daring comments as well as teasing the curly are flirting with makes the whole experience much more fun.