Have you experienced being into a perfect relationship when suddenly your boyfriend decides to breakup with you? There are a lot reasons why your boyfriend suddenly dumps you – it could be family problems, fear of commitment, insecurities, or recurring behavior that your ex cannot handle anymore. Here are some tips that can help you if you are still willing to get your ex boyfriend back after the breakup.

1) You are not going to want to lose your pride, or to allow him to get the best of you – But clearly you are still in love with him. The idea is to show him you are doing fine without him and that it’s his loss for breaking up with you.

2) If you are feeling like your ex boyfriend still has feelings for you, then it may be ideal for you to strike up a conversation with him. Keep communication to a minimum in order to keep the level of drama to a minimum. Short text messages, brief phone calls and online conversations in passing are all a great way to remind him how much he wants to be a part of your life without overwhelming him with your presence when he may actually want and need space.

3) Eventually he will begin to show significant interest in you again if all goes well, and this will give you the chance to truly begin to reminisce with him. Focus on all the good memories you both shared together and avoid the negative ones. When you are patching things up with your ex boyfriend, avoid reliving bad memories and experiences because it will only blow your chances of getting back together.

4) If your boyfriend is not responding to your slow and subtle advances, you need to take it for what it is. Either he just really is not interested in you right now, or he really does just need space and you should give it to him. But if on the other hand he seems to be interested in you more than before, or is slowly warming up to you again, then you should continue gradually advancing on him to rekindle the relationship.

5) If your ex boyfriend is giving you the right signals, you can try to open your heart up to him. Let him know how you feel, but avoid looking desperate or needy in the process. It is best to be open with him if you feel that he still wants to get back with you. But if his signals are pointing in the other direction, it may be wiser to step back and let things happen more naturally.

These are the just basics if you want to get your ex back. They are the initial steps I followed when I lost the love of my life. And frankly these aren’t my original ideas. I have to thank TW Jackson for the ideas that he shared to a lot of people.

T ‘Dub’ Jackson authored “The Magic of Making Up” to help people who are having problems in getting their ex back, and truly, it was magic when I followed the book.