Getting your ex back dominates the thoughts of a lot of   people .. Perhaps you were the one to finish the relationship wondering if life was passing you by . Having been in the nightmare that is the singles world , you have decided that your ex was fantastic  and now you need to know on how to get my ex boyfriend back. Or mayhap your ex is the one who wants a breakup  and you do not want to let your ex go,  you are resolved   to teach your former partner the error of their ways .

When you are thinking of ways on how to get your ex back in your life, you should be without asingle doubt that this is the outcome  that you want . You are going to spend  a lot of efforts  trying to get the results but it is too bad is your are thinking  only  just to get back  at your ex. This applies to those people that have been dumped so they dream of taking revenge and how it will make them feel better.. One citation that I believe in is revenge is a dish best served cold.  What this normally implies is that  you have to let your emotions, mainly your anger, to reduce prior to taking any action.  What I believe the quote is trying to imply is that by the time you have calmed  down, you will forget about the past relationships and begin to see someone new.

But for those of us who have decided that our ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend was the ONE, here are some tips on how to get ex boyfriend back.

1) Do not appear needy. Desperation is never an attractive quality. You will be far more successful in attracting your ex mate if you appear to be living your life to the full . Don’t call or make contact with them. If both of you have a few mutual friends, you will see each other again.

2) Secondly, it is not a good idea to stalk your ex  – again this is not the way forward. You want them to come back to you not have them report you to the police for stalking. 

3) Always look your best.  Wear put on your ex’s favourite wears, hairstyle, makeup and so on. Remember all those little details that your ex find irressitable  and use them to your advantage.

4) It is futile to make you ex jealous by going out with another person. This is kiddy behaviour. There is never an excuse for using another person in this way.

5) Try the direct method. Every relationship has  communication issues hence the best selling books such as “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” etc. You may not agree but the direct approach may be the best. Put aside your pride andego to make this  works.

Lastly, put in all your efforts to get your ex back. Then, you can be sure of getting back together.