Break ups are devastating experiences, especially if you are still in love with your ex. The situation becomes worse if your ex does not answer your phone calls. Breaking up can really be painful and tough, especially if we do not learn how to deal with it effectively. So follow the guide below to get you on the right track to get a woman back. I am going to enter into a discussion about the psychology of attraction and how you can use that to your advantage to get your ex back if you understand how this stuff really works.

Let’s say that you first met your ex girlfriend in a club (you may not have done, but the principals remain the same). You went up to her and said hi, got chatting and things moved on from there. How does this relate to attraction and pressing emotional trigger points to win back her heart speedily? Well, in a room of guys by stepping forward and saying hi, you are subconsciously communicating that you are a leader amongst men. Now, that may sound far-fetched, but actually it is the exact truth. The reason it is true is that physically and emotionally humans have not developed much from their cave man ancestry. In evolutionary terms we are still in the mouth of the cave wondering where our next meal is going to come from. We are in fight or flight mode much of the time, and when we aren’t we are thinking up ways to get our next meal.

Fast forward a few thousand years and what do you have? Well, there is no longer a lack of supply of women and most of us are not living in small communities. We are living in big cities, so in reality if we mess up with a talking to a woman on one night and make a dufus out of ourselves there really is no problem. We can simply move onto another bar or club and try again. So, knowing that you would think that all would be rosy for the hapless male in the love stakes and that getting love back would be a piece of cake. Well, unfortunately it doesn’t work like that. This is because whilst the external circumstances may have changed, that the internal wiring and biology of men has not changed very much in all those thousands of years (which are in any case an evolutionary heartbeat in comparison to the millions of years that is normally needed for evolution to properly take effect). So men today are still working with the same paradigm that they were working on thousands of years ago when it comes to women.

Now, where this is all leading to is the fact that your status with your ex is still very much dependent on your social status as she perceives it, and whether or not she thinks of you as a pack leader.  Now, of course, all of this communication is on the subconscious level. She isn’t going to come out and say any of that, or even think it. And most women would deny what I am saying is true. But the reality is that women are hard wired to be more attracted to dominant, assertive guys. You aren’t literally going to bash her on the head, tell her that you are her tribal leader, and that you are whisking her off back to your cave. (Sounds fantastic! I wish it worked!) But what you are going to need to do is to re-connect with the primitive attraction part of her that you triggered all those moons ago when you first went out.

A good thing to do once you realise that the power really is in your hands if you present it right is to then come up with a plan of action. This should involve re-establishing contact with her, but always on your terms. It is no good trying to get her back by getting her to analyse your relationship and see how good it used to be. That is a losers approach, and it doesn’t work. The only way she will come back is for emotional reasons. She has to miss you. At this stage take a look at your past relationship through her eyes and try to establish what aspects of the relationship were the ones that really made her enjoy being with you. Once you have come up with an idea of what those are, then amplify those in your re-courtship of her and gradually re-introduce those magic elements without the parts that led you to split up in the first place. If you do that then there is every chance that you will be able to get her back much quicker than you ever imagined possible.