Almost everyone has been in the situation where a relationship has come to an end – and they feel miserable.  To some people – especially those who chose to leave – they are amazed that they still feel badly.  Regardless, it is perfectly natural for anyone to feel a significant level of anxiety and pain when we are no longer with that person that we have cared about.   If you are the person who was left behind and you really want that person back in your life, it can be even more difficult.

If you find yourself in this situation and you are feeling at your wits end in terms of direction in your life, consider these initial steps to get things off dead center.

First, you should try not to dwell on it too much.  It sounds more easily said than done, but it is where you need to start.   This is understandable.  Nonetheless, try to focus you mind on other things as you go about your day.  Stay up on current affairs, read a good book, etc. – anything that will allow you to get through the day without worry and pain.

Take time for yourself.  Many times if we have been in a relationship for a while we tend to let ourselves go.  This is really the perfect time to work on our weight, hairdo, etc.   These kinds of things will allow you to begin to see yourself as being worthy of the next relationship in your life.  This is essential medicine if you are trying to get your ex back.

Spend some time on reflection about the relationship that ended.  Some people have difficulty being in any relationship whatsoever.  This is true more usually for men than women.  Whatever you conclusions, it is a good idea to validate in your own eyes what you brought to the relationship that ended, what you contributed that was good, and what you might have done differently.  This is especially valid if you want to get ex back.

+Start a new off-hours activity in your life.  Whether it is a new hobby or reconnecting with a previous interest, adding a creative new element is good.   Experts agree that adding a new dimension to your life will be extremely helpful.

Spend a little more time with friends and family.  If the friends are also friends with your Ex it will allow them to see that you are doing okay and this will certainly get back to your Ex.

Try some social networking.  This may be nothing more than going out with the crowd on Friday night for drinks and laughs.   Try going out and mixing, at least on a Friday night when it will probably do you some good.  This might even lead to some casual dating which will be another good thing.

If you want to get your ex back you will find that all these things will help.

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