‘Who is the audience and what is the purpose of the speech’, are the two questions you should consider before writing your maid of honor speech. Preparing a maid of honor speech involves the same factors as any other speech you ever wrote. Don’t let this scare you. All you need to do is ask yourself two questions. These questions are the backbone of the speech.

First, who is the target audience? Friends and family of the bride and the groom are the major target audience. What do friends and family want to hear about the bride? Answer that question and you now know the purpose of your speech.

A wedding is celebration of love between two people who have committed themselves to each other. The wedding day is generally one of the most memorable days in a bride’s life. It is her special day, and a great maid of honor speech will reflect that sentiment. The bride and the maid of honor being close friends, shared many special moments.

You two have cried together, laughed together and now, you will celebrate together. As maid of honor, you will know and appreciate many personality traits about the bride others may not know. Incorporating vignettes of the special moments, you shared as friends, and highlighting the things you know make the bride a special and beautiful, are the elements of good maid of honor speeches

This is the bride’s special day. It may be the greatest day of her entire life. On this momentous day, she should feel beautiful, special and loved. The maid of honor is in a unique position to help make this day everything the bride dreams it will be.

To deliver a great maid of honor speech, one that honors the bride, just remember speak from the heart about the bride who is a very special person to you. Your speech should convey to family and friends what it is that makes the bride so special. Do this, your speech is sure to touch hearts evoking all the sentiment and emotion a great maid of honor speech should.

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