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Get To Know If a Chick Is Into You

tell if a girl is into you

Tell If a Girl Is Into You

Being able to read subtle body language cures is an essential skill if you want to become good at flirting with women. Without knowing it, women send out subtle signals to let you know whether they want more or whether they want you to back down. Here are the most common “indicators of interest” – signals that tell you she’s interested.

1. Body Alignment: This isn’t a single indicator or specific thing she does. It’s about the whole body, in relation to yours. Crossed legs, crossed arms and a body alignment turned away from you mean that she wants you to back off. When she’s all closed up like this, don’t even thing of keeping at it and trying to win her over. Conversely, if she turns her upper body towards you and leans in slightly, that’s a clear indicator of interest. Even before you’re actually flirting with her, you can tell a girl has noticed you and is interested if she’s pointing a foot in your direction. This is something that people unconsciously do and if you pay attention, you’ll probably catch yourself doing the same thing as well. Generally speaking, the more open and directed towards you her body is, the higher her level of interest.

2. Mirroring: This takes things one step beyond body alignment: If she starts mirroring your movements to a certain extent, that means she’s really in tune with you. Examples of mirroring: You lean forward, she leans forward. You adjust your sleeve, she adjusts hers. You lean your head on your hand, she does the same. You get the idea. NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) teaches that you can actually create a deeper connection with someone by consciously mirroring them for a while, until you can take the lead and they start following.

3. Fidgeting (in Certain Cases):
If she fidgets with her hair, that’s almost always a sign that she’s into you (at least a little bit). Another one is if she subtly starts stroking her arm or her neck, although it can also be an indicator of general nervousness.
In general, if she fidgets with things that distract her from you (her phone, her handbag, her make-up), she’s trying to get rid of you. If she fidgets in such a way that she can keep eye-contact, it’s a good sign.

4. Surrogate Touching:
Surrogate touching is something most people have no clue about, but it’s a strong and interesting sign. If she touches some object that is yours or that she associates with you (could also just be your bottle of beer or something along those lines), it’s almost like she’s testing the waters to see how you’d react to direct touch.

5. Looking Down:
This is one of the more subtle ones and can be hard to catch. Look into her eyes and hold the gaze until she looks away (only do this if you’ve already made her comfortable around you, otherwise it’s real creepy). It usually only takes a second or two before eye-contact is broken. If she looks away sideways, she’s not interested. If she looks away downwards, she’s interested.
Of course, there can always be exceptions to the rule, but if you pay attention, you’ll find this particular cue to be very telling.

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