Millions of people are on-line everyday attempting to meet someone new.

For some they are just looking to make new friends, other people are looking for romance, while other individuals are seeking their soul mates. Precisely how many of them are eliminating their chances by making the exact same mistakes thousands of singles do each day?

When you browse through the personals on numerous sites, you’ll find thousands of ads which might be just plain bad. Bad writing, bad photos and they also sound like thousands of others.

It won’t take much to stand out from the crowd and edge out the competition. In the new guide to online dating “I’m Not Barbie and You’re Not Ken” you will discover dozens of suggestions on creating effective personal ads which will help you meet far more eligible singles.

Most of us are not Barbies or Kens, we are just every day, ordinary individuals who would like to meet a person to spend time with.

One of secrets of creating a compelling profile may be to make it one of a kind and not sound like all the others.

It boils down to defining what you might be looking for (romance, long term or just friends). From there it is possible to develop a profile that’s uniquely yours.

With regards to  posting photos, most individuals actually blow it on this one. When you think posting a picture of you talking on the phone with a cigarette hanging out of your mouth is showing you at your very best think again.

Listed in the guide are numerous tips to post the best photos.

Online safety is really a whole chapter in itself and prior to you place your ad or meet somebody in person this is a must read. You will find chapters for single parents who are getting back into dating as well as recommendations for those over 40.

Internet dating is excellent for those over 40 and even more so as opposed to tech savvy 20 something crowd. So why not read the guide or even get suggestions from an expert (look up: double your dating, double your dating review, or double your dating reviews) and create your profile.

Stop destroying your chances of meeting somebody. Do it right and start meeting more eligible singles right now.

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