It is difficult to get a partner , but it’s not because of you as a person ,  and it probably isn’t your attitude . It may be because you are looking in the wrong places. Most people go to night clubs on the pull , but you know, this is a very hard place to pull .  Just imagine, when you enter a club , With drunk people and loud music , how can you successfully pull someone? . No one can hear each other, and even if they could , It’s going to be jibberish .  The best you can get from a club is a one night stand .

Here’s an idea. Try the gym . It’s an ideal place to meet people . You can talk to people while working out , speak idle chit chat, and ask for advice about the equipment your using. If the gym has a pool who can chill out with people in the jacuzzi and the sauna, and meet someone you like.  You may see someone there a few times, and get the courage to start a conversation maybe in the sauna, or maybe on the treadmill. You can keep trying every time you go .

Alternatives to the gym are other clubs. Such as swimming, martial arts, night classes and even the library. You will find after a while that these are much easier places to meet someone than a loud night club. Failing this though, a sure fire place to meet someone that wants the same things as you, has the same interests at heart and is looking to meet someone just like you is…. online! Yes, don’t get freaked out by this, it’s become the norm in todays society that people go online to meet.

Everyone has such hectic lives with work and hobbies that there is just no time to meet people any more, and while it’s surrendering the this new culture of fast food lifestyle we are living in, wanting things now… it is also a great revolution and absolutely no harm in it at all. In fact studies show that a lot of successful relationships come from dating sites every day. 

There are a lot of dating sites, including this dating compare site    that you can try first before you decide to swallow your pride and pay for such a service.