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Love Relationship Advice You Can Really Use

If you have relationship problems and you’ve been getting your relationships advice from popular glossy publications such as Cosmo, you may be wondering why your relationship still is not working and why the tips and love relationship advice they have given you, haven’t helped.

Well quite plainly you are acquiring your advice from the wrong places. Magazines and Movies might advice you how to get the person you are attracted to, or what to do with them once you have got them, however it is doubtful that they will give you anything helpful, to help you build up a strong relationship with that person.
So here is some basic love relationship advice that you cannot miss which can genuinely use to build a strong, long-term, loving relationship.

Relationships Advice #1 – Build Trust

I’ll bet that a lot of the love relationship advice you might have found before, focused quite a bit on trust. Well there is a good reason for this. Trust is vitally important and is at the base of a truly meaningful and loving relationship. Typically, you will grow trust with your partner naturally over time, yet there are some things you can do to help build that trust a bit faster. First off, be reliable. If you say you are going to do something, make sure you do it and at the time you specified. So if you say you will call them tomorrow make sure you do it, or if you say you are going to meet them at a certain time, make sure you aren’t late. Also do not make small promises that you don’t intend to follow up on. So don’t say “yeah, I’ll help you with the grocery shopping tomorrow” if you know that you are going to be busy.

Relationships Advice #2 – Keep On Top Of Money Matters

This probably isn’t something many people discuss when it comes to love relationship advice, but I promise you it is vital. If you share financial responsibilities with your partner, you have to be open and communicate with each other on the issue. I know it probably won’t be much fun talking about money issues, but it is better to deal with it together, than to try and cope with it by yourself, and end up not being able to pay your bills or rent. Even if you are married and only one of you makes a regular income, both of you should have a say in any financial planning. So make some time each month, when you and your partner can sit down and discuss the state of your finances. This will help relieve some stress once you start doing it frequently.

Relationships Advice #3 – Talk About What Matters To You

I’m positive you know a couple that have little in common, don’t really speak to each other very much and tend to do things alone. Well this isn’t a great situation to be in and is fated to result in the relationship ending. More often than not, this scenario arises because of poor communication. Real communication in a relationship doesn’t mean talking about when you next have to take the dog to the vets or when the bills are due to be paid. It is about talking about your emotions, things that interest you, your hopes and goals for the future and even your fears.

Relationships Advice #4 – Deal With Arguments Properly

It doesn’t matter how good a relationship is, there are always going to be arguments, whether they are over the big things or small trivial things. But you must learn how to effectively handle them. Avoiding arguments isn’t the important thing, being able to stop them is. Being able to diffuse a post argument circumstance can really make or break a relationship. So the advice is that if you’ve just had a significant argument and you can feel tension between you, try to lighten the mood. Try a little humour or say something complimentary to your partner and expression of your love. If you feel that you are still angry over the argument, don’t go back for more. Take a break. Go for a walk or watch some TV and calm down. Once you have both calmed down you can talk about the issue rationally and without screaming at each other.


To avoid relationships problems and to keep a long lasting love relationship going, you must have trust, good communication, and attention to the things that really matter to you and your partner. These are the things that will keep a relationship going, not sending flowers or corny romantic gestures. Forget any love relationship advice which never mentions these things.

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