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Learn about Managing a Man with Confused Feelings

One of the more recently asked questions – by women about their men – has to be the one about managing a man with confused feelings. While there is certainly nothing new about mixed feelings, especially romantic ones, there are some modern twists to this age-old question. Many men do react with a certain sense of mixed feelings, especially when they really fall hard for the first time. Certainly they like what they see and touch, they enjoy your company, they enjoy the intimacy you share. However, they are not sure how they really feel when they try to distill their feelings down to a few words, thoughts – even categories – they have confused feelings. A thorough understanding of these principles might, indeed, help on answering the question: Can I get my ex back? If you are trying to recover a relationship damaged by mixed emotions, your chance on how to get ur ex back, will be heightened by knowing all these things.

This phenomenon is especially interesting if the man was previously able to manage his confused feelings and his woman with ease. Now, he is in the company of you – and you light up more lights on his board than ever before. He is held by your magnetism and he is just slightly out of control. Wonderful! That is exactly where you want him to be. Men with confused feeling are those are teetering on the edge of fulfillment – but which requires commitment – are often very ill at ease. There, there, my sweet – Mommy fix.

If you are the woman in this scenario you hold most of the cards meaning that you are capable of managing this man. The man in question can easily be caught – in fact he is actually begging to hook himself for you – even jump in the boat. This too fits the scenario where the woman is trying to win back her ex – who may have had mixed emotions about committing. He is still ‘getable’!  If you are attempting to get ex back from a breakup caused by the absence of these things, take heed.

Your task is to feed him all the line he will take by satisfying all his male needs before surrendering. If you play your cards right he will be yours for the taking. Moreover, it will clearly set the tone for the duration of your relationship – if you know how to steer the course. Here is what you need to do starting immediately.

Men thrive on several things that are very often left out of the Cosmo articles about Men. Men’s lives are about life attainments, goal achievement, mating, and world conquest – and they need to feel entitled to same. Your job is simply to satisfy all of these needs yourself, convincing him that he is entitled to achieve his dreams and that you see it happening! Secondly, you need to feed his ego. While it sounds corny to some women, telling your Man that he is wonderful, impressive, powerful and almost always right will build giant castles of self worth in his subconscious – all of which are extensions of what has happened in his life since he acquired you!  Amazingly enough, however, it is you who have acquired him!

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