If you are all prepared to start dating again, then congratulations! How come there aren’t any women to meet? Where are the potential dates? It seems that the moment you’re ready to start dating, the women you have on your mind are nowhere in sight.

You live in a tiny town on the outskirts of nowhere and there aren’t any women, or the only women you meet on the elevator or at the store are either wearing huge sparkling wedding rings, or look like Ernest Borgnine. How do you resolve such a predicament?

It’s not as bad as you think. It’s been said before, but it’s true – there are more single women than single men in any given area, so you’ve got more to choose from than what you think. In most cases, about 45% of a town’s adult population is unattached.

And furthermore, there is such a thing these days as the Internet, where you have thousands, or in fact millions of women you could potentially meet. There are no limitations, except perhaps travel distance, as so many people around the world are hooked on the World Wide Web.

But it is very common for people to meet each other even if they live more than a thousand miles away from each other. Here are a few of the best ways to meet other singles. All you need is some gumption and to put your fears on pause.

As discussed, the Internet is a good place to meet singles. You may be reluctant to try it, but if it’s so unsuccessful why are there still so many online dating sites around? There is no shortage of decent Internet dating sites to choose from, and most will charge a fee for full membership – though we guarantee you it will be worth it once you find the site (and paid, registered members) that suits your fancy.

When it comes to dating on the Internet, there are a few uncanny techniques you can use to succeed, but these do not cover those related to dishonesty or making untrue claims. Here’s one thing that could snare a few – post some current photos of yourself, and be sure that they show you at your best – and if you’re using pictures from when you were 20 or 21, make sure you’re no older than 23 or 24.

This allows you to make a good first impression to your potential dates. What if you’re not satisfied with your appearance? Try posting a picture where you’re flashing a sincere and friendly smile, preferably with a pet of yours, doing your favorite activity or wearing your favorite shirt.

You can try asking your friends’ help. You can ask your buddies to set you up with someone. You may be apprehensive about blind dates, but you’ll never know. Set up a casual meeting that doesn’t make things look too much like a setup. Then it’s not so forced. Your friends know you almost as well as family, or sometimes better, so they should know the kind of girl you’d love to meet.

Find a common interest. What are your hobbies? Do you enjoy physical activities like MMA or biking, or are you an artistic type who plays an instrument or likes to paint? Join clubs that allow you to focus on your specific interests. This is often a good place to meet new people – maybe your next date!

Is there a special event in your area? Does your favorite politician or writer have a seminar in your area? Or a religious figure you look up to, like the Dalai Lama may be visiting your area, and you happen to be very interested in his teachings. These events are perfect places to meet like-minded individuals, women included!

Then there’s everywhere and anywhere else under the sun. People, single and otherwise, hang out at places like these (everyone needs clean clothes, a walked dog and coffee, right?). And that includes single women – there’s a lot of them in these parts!

Don’t stick to one option alone. Any place can be a good place to meet a potential date.

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