She is gone and now you feel that she is the one. So, how to get a girl back in this situation. To begin with, stay calm and gain your confidence. You should win her slowly, not by bragging or belittling others. Do not do stupid things, they may embarrass her. In your mind it should be clear that you deserve her.

Coming to more specific things, the common courtesy plays an important part. Mind your manners when you are with her – please, thank you, excuse me and no burping or scratching.

Perhaps you should not pay unnecessary attention to other girls when you are with your girl. Remember to be polite and friendly at all times to everybody.

Try and be a good friend first, because most women fall for their best friend. If there is chemistry and physical attraction the rest will follow.

Be Around – Make sure to make yourself available. Who wants to get involved again someone who is always either too busy or doing something else with their buddies. If you are always too busy, she will think you are uninterested, or very selfish. How can a girl expect to spend any time with you as the relationship progresses if you can not find time while trying to figure out how to get a girl back. Make her a priority. But you have to make sure you carefully balance the amount of time with her. Don’t be too available otherwise she’ll just take you for granted.

You are a man and you should be helpful in all ways as you can be. There may be things difficult for her, make it easy for her. She will appreciate your effort.

Remember her birthday – You do not have to do anything elaborate, just the idea that you remembered will let her know that she is important to you. Do something small and meaningful. Send her flowers or a small token gift for no reason she will feel special.

Above all, just be yourself. Make sure you let her know your feelings about her. Maintain your good friendship and make her feel unique in your own way. These are probably the best ways to get a girl back.

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