If the person you have been dating tells you they have herpes what do you do? You will probably have a lot of thoughts running through your mind. You may think that you can never be intimate with this person. You may think you should not see this person again. But remember a person with herpes is still a person. Herpes does not define who they are. There are steps you both can take to prevent the spread of herpes. Keep reading for some great tips on dating someone with herpes.

You should get yourself tested for all types of stds before you become intimate with your partner. If you have had sex with others then you may be carrying a sexually transmitted disease and not even know it. Your partner was upfront with you about their herpes, you need to be responsible and get yourself checked. If you have a clean bill of health then you can move on with your partner and learn how to take the necessary precautions to protect yourself from herpes.

If you are dating someone who has a herpes outbreak you may think that wearing a condom will protect you. Condoms are great and should be worn during sex, but you have to keep in mine that in most cases of herpes outbreaks the lesions have spread to areas not covered by the condom. So if any part of your body is coming into contact with herpes lesions you are putting yourself at risk.

If you want to protect yourself from herpes it is best communicate with your partner. There are those who have herpes that will be able to tell when they are starting to have an outbreak. They may experience a tingling or other sensation in the genital area. It is best to not have sex during this time. Those that have herpes can reduce their outbreaks by taking a prescription or herbal medication. If you both want to stay healthy the best thing you can do is reduce the stress in your lives and eat healthy and exercise. The body’s immune system does a lot to prevent a herpes outbreak.


Remember these tips when dating someone with herpes. Those with herpes should be able to live a normal life. You can be safe and prevent the spread of this disease if you both make an effort to be responsible.