Remember that your ex fell in love with you once and he will fall in love again with the same woman you were then. The whole problem may be that you are not the same woman he fell in love with anymore. We all change over time. Our looks and our outlook on life, and that can shape our personality. Usually these changes are gradual over a long period of time. It is when abrupt changes come about that you ex will become aware of and if they are for the worse, he will become dismayed.

There can be many reasons a man becomes dissatisfied with a relationship. He was used to seeing you always trying to look your best when he was around, but now he sees you in sweats and a tee shirt most of the time. This can make him feel that you have lost respect for yourself and you do not care about what he thinks. On the other hand, you might look even better now than when he met you and always take care to be well groomed when he is around. So, it might have nothing to do with the way you look.

The biggest cause of breakups is making yourself too available. You are always there when he calls and answer on the first ring. After a while this kind of conduct becomes boring and your man begins to take you for granted. Men are easily bored and when they are, they want some excitement. By breaking up with you, he can go and check out the scene and even do a little dating. If he is not happy with what he finds, he knows you will be waiting.

To get your ex boyfriend back, you are going to have to show him that he is wrong. If you have been calling or emailing him in an effort to make him see how much you need him, stop immediately. You need to take the opposite approach and have no contact with him at all. Show him that you can accept the breakup and move on. Let friends get word to him about how you are having a good time and that you seem so happy that they would not be surprised if you a have a new boyfriend.

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