Many times I talk to people who ask the questions: “Why can’t I find a good man/woman?” ” Why do I keep making the same mistakes in my relationships?”
Get very clear about who you want for your life partner. It is helpful to write an actual list. Because of the way the Law of Attraction works, you want to make sure you record the traits, qualities and characteristics of the person you want to attract into your life. Be very careful you aren’t recording the things you don’t want. Whenever you focus on things you don’t want, the Universe actually brings you more of the same, which explains why some of the same patterns are repeated over and over again.

Take a close look in the mirror, asking the question, “Am I being the person who would attract my desired soulmate into my life”? Often you know what you want in your life but don’t take the time to determine if you are the person your soulmate would be attracted to. You may be seeking someone trustworthy but you are seeing other people behind his or her back. You may want someone mature who doesn’t bring a lot of drama, yet you have drama all around you.

The fourth step of this process is to honestly and accurately evaluate whether your actions, thoughts, and feelings are consistent with attracting the soulmate you want. If your answer is yes, then you can proceed to Step Five. If your answer is no, then move to Step Four.

Believe it is going to happen. Once you have done the work to get clear about what you want and then transformed yourself into the person who will attract that person, simply rest in the knowledge that it’s just a matter of time. Your soulmate is on his or way into your life. Know that you are perfectly content and complete while you are patiently waiting.

Remember, while you wait, your soulmate may be doing his or her own assessment and evaluation of whether he or she can attract you.

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