I don’t know why, but some guys get embarrassed that they turn to others for dating advice.

I’m here to tell you that nobody, and I mean nobody, is born with the natural ability to attract women.

For them, it is almost intuitive for their subconscious or conscious brain to observe others and what works and what doesn’t. They can pick up on what women want and what they don’t.

For others, who may have a different style of learning that works best, the written word is the most successful way to learn something.

Even the star of Twilight, Robert Pattinson, who must have thousands of women swooning for him, is not too big in the britches to ask for help.

There are so many things you can learn from reading and talking to others. Some of the best advice I ever received was to pick up a book on body language and learn it.You can tell by her body language whether she is interested or not – whether you should continue to approach her or find someone else to speak to that night.

You can also learn what women like. A lot of men don’t instinctively know this. It is OK to admit this and ask for tips.

So maybe your style is not to pick up a book and read about dating and flirting and women? OK, then I would suggest you make female friends.
n fact, I would say by having these friendships, they have really prepared me to not only be the best man I can be, but to be the best husband I can be someday.

So please don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to seek out help. The best of us do.

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