The three main types of abuse in a relationship are emotional, physical, or psychological. Below are some examples of the types of abuse. In addition, it will explain how to run away from the abusive relationship.

Emotional Abuse

They will criticize the victim and the victim will have no self-esteem so they want to cling to the abuser so afraid that they will not find anyone else. Emotional abuse can be worse than physical, since the scars cannot be seen.

Physical Abuse

This type of abuse includes physical contact to the victim. Whether the abuser hits, kicks, chokes, or even pushes it is considered physical abuse. If she does then the abuse will most likely occur.

Psychological Abuse

This abuse can happen along with physical abuse. Other words the abuser controls the relationship and puts different thoughts in the victim’s head.

The dangers of an Abusive Relationship

This kind of relationship can lead to serious injuries, homicide, or even suicideThese relationships are not safe at all.

How to get out of an Abusive Relationship

First, you need to get outside help. For example, tell a friend or family member.Make sure you call the police and tell them what has happened. Last, you need to seek help from a counselor.

If there are children involved think of them also, they do not need to go through that.These minor abuse signs will sometimes progress rapidly into physical abuse such as pushing or hitting. This type of abuse is just not accepteable and it’s reccomended that if you are in a relationship like this that you seek help as quickly as possible.

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