As with any girl in the world, stunning Russian women have a checklist of wants and needs that have to be filled before they will   accede to marry you.  Marrying a foreigner isn’t only about leaving Russia but rather a conscious determination to seek out a better life.  Of course, security and stability are the   chief drivers of why stunning Russian women are seeking life abroad as a mail order bride but remember that they are women too.  Women love to be swept off their feet and the ones you are corresponding  to are no different.

It’s always good to make a good impression when corresponding   to a beautiful Russian woman for the first time. It’s called a first impression for a reason, this impression will stick with the girl for as long as you two are corresponding    each other and it might be a momentous factor on whether she will fall in love with you or not.  Most men do not succeed at making a good first impression typically because they are lazy, they don’t even bother, they’re not thinking or that they think that picking a excellent Russian woman as a mail order bride doesn’t require any effort on their part.

What these men fail to realize is that these women want   to fall in love as well, they’re questing for life partners, husbands and men that will take excellent care of them. When it’s your turn to write these stunning Russian women, keep that in mind.

How do you make a good letter?  Well, there are a lot of examples available on online dating sites, but please, DO NOT COPY them word for word.  It’s very boring to read a email that has been posted on the net and copied and edited slightly to fit his needs.  Take a few hours to think about the letter and on corresponding    your own version.  You’re looking for a mail order bride and not a piece of meat, you must never forget that part.

Make your letters interesting and engaging.  Do not write like you are emailing    an application for a job.  Corresponding    love letters is no longer in style in most westernized nations so it might come as a strange thing to do for most men.  Try searching the internet for old love letters, I’m sure you’ll find hundreds out there online and try to learn from these letters.  Of course you shouldn’t start corresponding    about love and attractions at the get-go, start off with introductions and some minor flirting and do not rush things.

Another good point to go through is to hire a translator to translate your emails into Russian.  Do not use programs or other online translation tools because the translations used are very bad .  It’s better for the  gorgeous Russian woman to be reading your letter and getting into the swing of things as opposed to reading a note that has broken grammar or having to take an English note and translate it herself.  While these girls can read and write basic English, do not expect them to be fluent in it.

Also, do not forget to put in a couple photos of yourself when sending your first letter!  She’ll gladly reciprocate and send you a couple of her pictures as well if she likes you.