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The Night Fever Dress Shirt spells fun, excitement and entertainment.  Men who loves to wear this certain design of dress shirt shows a very interesting, enthusiastic and fun character  . This also tells of the wearer’s versatility. Like the purpose of the black and white stripes in the zebra’s body that help them camouflage from danger, this reflects the person’s ability to get well adjusted with any group of people in any situation.

The preferred sites to put on this shirt are classy restaurants with a long-time girlfriend or a fiance, expensive bars, theatrical shows and presentations and recitals, as well. There are also corporate occasions that would be great to wear this dress shirt.

The Night Fever dress shirt features long sleeves with fused angled single button cuffs and with classic single button collar that goes unaccented. It has base cut tail, plain yoke and standard placket, with no chest pockets and no pleats.  It is designed with black buttons and buttonholes with removable collar stays. This is a very in demand style and it’s sold out most of the time.

Other similar dress shirts in the ShirtsMyWay’s collections include the Moonwalker White and the Moonwalker Black both in Stylish White Stripes Plain Weave, the Wall Street Black in Lavish Black Twill Weave, the Headhunter 9 in Lavish Black Stripes Plain Weave and the Haiku Phoenix in Modern Black Stripes Twill Weave, among others. All these similar dress shirts, likewise project the same personalities and characteristics.

ShirtsMyWay is an online tailoring company for men. The company lets their people create their own designs and combinations of mens dress shirts, as well as their measurement profiles to guarantee a very satisfactory result. ShirtsMyWay does not define or characterize their custom dress shirts similarly to how the writer puts it. This is only according to the writer’s research, analyses and personal interpretation for the purpose of both entertainment and information.

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