why do men cheat

why do men cheat on their girlfriends

What You Need To Know About Why Do Men Cheat in Relationships

A question that many people want to answer is why do men cheat? The reasons why they cheat will vary from man to man and this should be kept in mind. Of course you will find that there are some common reasons why this happens. There are many reasons given by men for their cheating.

Why do men cheat? One reason given by men is that they think their wife is no longer the same. This will usually refer to the fact that they may have let themselves go a bit. The classic nagging wife is another common reason given. Finding a more understanding women to have an affair with is what many say drives them away.

Another reason why men will seek other women is understanding. Many cheaters will say that their wife does not get them any longer as a justification for their actions. The thrill that is associated with cheating is also used as a motive for men to cheat. It is thought that the added danger of discovery puts an edge to the excitement of the affair.

There are many men who will say that it is the hunt that makes them do it. The feeling that the men want to break free of their boring day to day lives is something that many feel is instinct for men. Boredom is also thought to be a leading reason for men cheating. Some people say that once a man has seen a woman’s body a few times they find it commonplace and need to see something new.

Many people say that men distinguish love and sex differently to women. While women will link them some say men do not and that sex has nothing to do with any loving emotion. While on this route there is the fact that men seem to want sex more than women. With this being the case men will look for it when their wives do not want to.

The question of why do men cheat is one asked by women all over the world. Of course it is best to keep in mind that not all men will cheat.

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