If there is a specific problem with your relationship then talk to a close friend. Or, if you have no one you can talk to, go to a therapist. This does not mean your crazy it just means you truly want to heal yourself and that you care enough about yourself, your partner and your future to do something about it. That is eminently sensible.  After all, your goal here is to get back together with your girlfriend. Not stress out worrying about the exact methods that you use to make it happen. However, if your not ready for that, you can always use the Internet. Talk with your girlfriend and figure out what the underlying problem is behind the behavior, then do what you can to fix it. It is much easier to stop a break up when you know the root problem causing it, and it could well be that you can avert a breakup very easily if you are honest with your girlfriend.

You might think that your girlfriend has been storing up all kinds of hurts to use against you, but in reality she has probably simply been waiting for you to be honest with her. And the secrets to winning a girlfriend back are as much encapsulated in the ideas of being open and honest with your partner, as they are by any particular deficits in your character. Once you open up and be honest with her then you may well find that she is considerably more forgiving about any other problems that there are in the relationship, and much more willing to act quickly to get them sorted out. Recall the sweet thoughtful things that you did when first getting to know each other and do them again.

Couples that play together or have a shared hobby have a built in advantage over couple that don’t have those shared bonds. Because of the shared experiences outside the relationship (whilst participating in the hobby) they never become quite so fixated on the relationship in its darker sense only. They are always tuned in to how their partner is when they are also in the “real world” and this has the effect of catapulting their relationship to a considerably healthier starting point when it comes to communication between you. This is a lesson that you really want to learn for the wider well-being of your relationship. You don’t have to do everything your partner does, but showing an interest is a really good idea. If your goal is to get an exgirlfriend back then you need to ask yourself what you can practically do to make that happen, and then move forward and take some positive steps forward.

Guys have to understand that girls believe they can change and improve a guy from the very start. They are nurturers. So they don’t necessarily see you as the “finished article” when they go out with you. They actually see you a bit like a work in progress! Depending on how much they like you to begin with will largely determine how they then move matters forward. It is unlikely that they will have made the moves on you obvious (though its possible). But what is for sure is that they directed the action! What I mean by that is that simply because their approach is more subtle, does not mean that it is any the less effective. They still want you to behave in certain ways, and they will let you know if you don’t live up to what they expect.