The Basics Of How To Talk To Women
Women love communication. It’s said that women talk twice as much as men, however, women love them a man who can really talk. Yet, you might be shy or you might find that you have trouble doing just that. Well, learn from the masters men as we women teach you just how to talk to women. So, get your notepad ready and take some notes.
One of the first things that you can start with when you approach a woman is with a compliment. Women love to be complimented. It is estimated that they don’t that boost from men all that often, so many thrive on that when in fact they do get a compliment. One can never go wrong. Well, we take that back. Don’t make it something sexual. Make it something like their hair or their eyes and make it original. Don’t make it corny.
If you can’t find something that you can compliment her on or if you would want to compliment her in a sexual way, don’t waste your breath. Rather, approach her and make small talk. If she keeps talking, then introduce yourself and allow the conversation to just flow. Some men don’t understand that women hate that awkward feeling that some get when the conversation just isn’t going the way they would have liked it to.
The third tip that we have for you is to make sure you introduce yourself. Once you have made the small talk, you want to make it a bit more personal than usual. When you do this, you can get her to open up more. That’s when you can start asking questions. This shows that you are curious about her. You can even tell her if you have talked for a good while, that you would love to keep chatting and invite her to either take your number or something else of that nature.
The last thing is if you are really going to talk to a woman then really talk. Don’t just half listen and give short one word answers. Women hate this. They don’t want a robot. They want someone that can hold a conversation with them. Be opionated. Show her that you have a brain and know how to use it. Women want adult conversations that don’t always talk about what you want to do with her in bed.
When all is said and done, then you have a conversation going. These are the main things that you have to remember. Just relax and enjoy the chat. Only make it perverse if she takes it there. Learn to read the clues. When you do this, you both will have a fun time for you both will feel at ease.

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