Let’s talk about Tiffany Taylor.

Guy Gets Girl is written by a woman. I would say there is definitely some good advice in this book, but it is not a stand alone book. If you use it with Dating To Relating and Double Your Dating materials it can broaden your perspective, educate you about women and help you in your approach to women.

Some of the downfalls of this book or books is that Guy Gets Girl doesn’t take a situational viewpoint. They sell you a bunch of books and give you access to a website that has a lot of “general” datat on it . Nothing really specific and nothing very situational.

Nonetheless, Tiffany is a woman and knows a lot of the typical ideas woman have about dating. Reading Tiffany’s work may educate you from a different perspective.

All in all, Mr. L. Rx , with his situational approach and helping me realize that every woman is a unique individual and different, did a better job of helping me understand how to score with women than Tiffany did. But again I include her materials here because if you read them in conjunction with Mr. L. Rx’s materials and David DeAngelo’s materials, Tiffany’s materials can be quite helpful.

Like I said before, Her books shouldn’t be applied without getting trained from another system such as Dating To Relating or Double Your Dating.  So, if you are looking for a single program to follow or purchase, you should get ebooks from Mr. L. Rx.

Guy Gets Girl’s materials are rather general and patently written to make money, more than to help. Her main book is only  63 pages double spaced with margins 1 and 3/4 inches wide on both side. (Mr. L. Rx’s book by comparison is 196 pages single spaced with 1 inch margins.) 

Tiffany uses a co-writer by the name of Woody Wilcox to help write some of the materials, and it sort of defeats the purpose of a woman’s perspective. Moreover Woody is obviously just writing filler to make money.

Her package is more expensive than Mr. L. Rx’s and she and her co-author, Woody Wilcox, just don’t deliver much. (Mr. L. Rx’s web site had a lot more information and his “Love Package” really gets down into particular sexual technique for example.)

I just get the impression from Tiffany and Woody that they were just trying to figure out how to take up space on a page, so they could say they really wrote a book. Most of the time they do that by double spacing lines, making 1 and 3/4 inch margins on both sides of the page, and talking in very general terms. So I guess I am saying overall their materials lack real substance.

Even so , I am still recommending you read Tiffany Taylor (but only in conjunction with the other recommended materials above)  as she does give guys (especially guys who have no clue about girls) some good insights that will improve your game.