Night club entertainment has certainly evolved a lot in the last few years. As lots more clubbers are travelling to exotic nightclubs in places like Ibiza  and Miami they expect much more from the nightclubs in their home town or city. Stilt walkers, acrobats and fire performers for hire are all now a big part of the club scene in the UK,Europe and the US.

Frequently meet and greet fire performers are placed directly by the entrance to the nightclub or venue to bring more people to the venue, they will perform some death defying tricks, mingle and chat to the crowds and invite people into the club.

When the customers enter the club, they are met by immaculately attired stilt walkers, usually inn a themed costume to suite the venue or the theme of the particular club or party that night. Some stilt-walkers even have bouncy stilts so they can run jump and even do somersaults as part of their act. By the end of the night it’s not uncommon to see stilt walkers in the middle of the dance-floor dancing and entertaining the guests as they enjoy their entertainment

Crystal ball jugglers are another popular choice for nightclub entertainment, the act is a captivating cross between juggling and magic, the crystal balls seem to float effortlessly over the performers hands, body and head. The effect makes the crystal balls appear as though they are floating in the air like something from a science fiction movie. Often used early on during the evening as a great way to break the ice and get the clientele into the swing of things bit by bit.

At some point in the night, there is often a glow, fire or angle grinding display to heighten the level of excitment in the club or venue. A performance location will be lit up, entertainers will appear and the show will commence. Fire and angle grinding acts can have a huge impact on a nightclub full of excited clubbers. The heat and danger from the flames alongside the awesome acts and the high energy music come together to construct a huge impact, sending people more and more excited as the show builds to a huge finish.