All are well aware that a wedding is half finished without the numerous customs and customs. They are indispensable part of every wedding as they are known to add on the component of luck and sanctification to the union of the 2 folk to be tied in matrimony. When you talk of wedding, it’s hard to lose out on the multitude of wedding customs and rituals that surrounds us. Out of all, some are popular. Let’s have a sneak peak into some of them.

The marriage veil is easily among the most liked marriage conventions particularly from the side of bride. It relies on the tradition of olden days where the bride showing her face to groom before wedding wasn’t considered good. A marriage veil is therefore used to keep the bride’s face covered. The veil is also considered to offer protection to the bride from antagonistic spirits.

Another well liked convention in this context is to make use of the color white. A hint of white color on the bridal dress is considered to be a great thing as it signifies that the bride has made the right selection of groom for herself. The concept of wearing white as bridal dress took shape of a tradition after queen Victoria zeroed on to a white bridal dress for her wedding. However,there are certain other colors that are considered really foreboding for the purpose. Some such colours are yellow, black, red, pearl and gray.

Throwing rice at the newly wed couple is yet another very hip marriage convention. This wedding practiced at numerous weddings to date.Rice is known as symbolical of fertility simply thanks to the fact that it grows in abundance.Throwing rice at the recently married couple symbolizes fertility and prosperous wedding life.

You would have noticed that in a wedding ceremony,the bride is usually kept on the left side of the groom. The tale behind this is that there was a risk of potential suitors attempting to snatch the bride away. Here the right hand of the groom was supposed to be free so as to dissuade any such attempt. Now the likelihood of such an attempt is nearly extinct, yet the tradition of bride on left carries on.

One of the most common and preferred marriage custom is the wedding kiss. The wedding kiss did not evolve as an effect of some creative imagination. Instead, this wedding tradition dates back to the Roman times. The kiss was believed to be a symbol of the legal sealing of the wedding. However, for for the marriage to be considered legal, it was important that a 3rd person witness the kiss.

Last but not the least ; an intensely common and famous marriage custom is to hold the bridal bouquets. It’s a general perception that bridal bouquet is just to up the glam quotient of the bridal wear. This convention has more to it. The traditional significance of the bridal bouquets is that it hopes to prevent the bride from any adverse omens and influences. It is for this reason that many a times many herbs were placed in the bridal bouquet to ward away the negative forces around. Additionally flowers were selected in accordance to the meaning they designated.

Today these practice might appear mere carry-overs from past but they really make the wedding ceremony interesting and beautiful.

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