Also refered to as  adiposis edematosa, status protrusus cuits, or dermopanniculosis deformans, cellulite is the term that defines a dimpled skin appearance generally caused by an amount of fat deposits that are underneath the skin . Cellulite may occur on the butt, the abdomens and the pelvic area .

Most people today often find themselves too bothered to think about how to treat cellulite. But before you start venturing for methods to get rid of cellulite , it is important to know what causes cellulite in the first place . Although in general, the causes are not that quite understood , there are some theories to what the most possible factors may be . Here are some of them.

Genetics. There are specific genes are that required in order for cellulite to develop . Basically, genes are oftentimes influenced by a person’s specific types closely associated with cellulite. Some of these include slow metabolism, gender, race, circulatory insufficiency, or the amount of fat distributed underneath the skin.

Hormonal Factors. In the development of cellulite, one of the major causes is hormonal factors . Experts say that cellulite development are caused by factors such as insulin, estrogen, thyroid hormones, noradernaline, and prolactin.

Diet. This is also a major conributer to the formation of cellulite . People with improper diet are often prone to develop cellulite . Too mach fat, salt, or carbohydrates but too little fiber intake can greatly cause cellulite formation.

Lifestyle Factors. Like any other health concerns , lifestyle factors may also play a major role in cellulite development. For example, consuming a lot of alcohol and engaging in excessive smoking.

If you have too much cellulite and is bothered about how you can treat it , before you go to your doctor it is helpful that you need to understand first what causes cellulite. That way, you get to know how you can deal with this problem in the near future.

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