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What is Alpha Male in Dating Girls

By John Alexander

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An Alpha Male is a man who is dominant, confident and is assured of himself in dating girls. Beta male on the other hand is complete opposite from an alpha male. Beta male usually follows the lead of an alpha male, less confident and less assured of himself. Many of the men in this world belong to the beta male category. Instead of being labeled as “beta”, we usually called them the average guys. And attractive women won’t be attracted to average typical guys; attractive women are attracted to alpha males.

I believe that many of you out there know what an alpha male is. You may know learn the term of an alpha male in books, seminars, videos and even movies. But usually, these seminars often did not tell you about beta males. You won’t have a complete picture of what an alpha male is if you do not know what beta males are. So, if you are really committed to becoming an alpha male, and want to be successful in dating girls then start by reading this article here.

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Alpha Male System

Women are attracted to several things. If you think hard enough, you can create a list of things that women are attracted to. Money is definitely one of them and the rest include fame, power and looks. These are the things most typical guys like you and me and some alpha males who do not have and so how do we attract the women that we want in dating girls. Well, women are also attracted to one thing that we all have, and that is PERSONALITY. According to a research done, personality ranks number one in the most attractive trait that women look for. If you let a woman to choose between money and personality, most women would go for personality. It is not just any kind of personality but the alpha male personality. Now the problem is how do we develop an alpha male personality that ALL women love? READ this article if you want to find out.

When dating girls and courtship comes to your mind, I am sure pick up lines would be the first to pop out in your mind. Many people have the misconception that the dating game is all about pick up lines. If you see alpha males in action, they don’t even bother using pick up lines. Instead alpha males use an even more powerful tool to attract attractive women instantly. The POWERFUL tool is body language. This is because alpha males understand that words only account for 7% of attraction. The rest of the 93% is making up of both body language and your tone of voice.  So, how in the world do we use the power of body language to create MASSIVE and INSTANT attraction? Continue to learn more about the body language of an alpha male in articles posted here.

The world of dating girls is make up of the external and the inner game. And on your path to become an alpha male, you need to first master your inner game. This is because your inner games would eventually have an indirect effect on your outer game. If you really get your inner game handled like an alpha male, you do not even need the dating girls techniques that I am going to share with you. I believe that by reading this article, you have already committed yourself to getting this part of your life handled, and the best place to develop your alpha male qualities is to have the inner game of an alpha male thoroughly installed into your mind. Read the book How to Become Aplha Male by John Alexander to find out all you need to know for successful dating.

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