Here’s the low down on women on dating and relationships and talking about them.  Ladies like to talk a lot about a lot of things.  That’s in comparison to guys who don’t tend toward heart to heart conversations with each other about about the women in their life.  A typical male conversation goes something like” “How’s it goin’?”  “Fine.”

It’s all just part of the difference between men and women.  Females approach relationships – both with their female friends and with men – differently.  Here’s how women are likely to talk about relationships.

As much as you may not want to hear hear it, for most women commitment is a big issue. Women know that men have a strong interest in sex and for some that their main interest.  Woman want to know if a guy values her more than other women and is committed to something beyond a sexual relationship.

Beyond commitment, is he still attracted to her or just hanging around?  Once they have got you on the hook, women want to know whether you have maintained your interest in them or if you have a wandering eye.  They’ll dissect every little mannerism and experience you have to try to figure out whether you are still interested.  In addition, what is an appreciative glance at an attractive woman will be interpreted as a chance that you’ll break up with her.

Can I get back together with my ex?  Both men and women ask this question after a break up. It’s hard not to wonder about a relationship that you had a lot of yourself invested in. The difference is that men ask it internally or their closest friend.  Women go on endlessly about whether or not they should try to get an ex boyfriend back.  There are quite a few program aimed at helping both men and women get their ex back.

Remember that women are more likely to reveal details about their relationships than men are.  Women are more likely to talk about their sexual relationships than are men.  If you’re a man and want to give them something to talk about, you should consider picking up some  lovemaking tips and secrets.


It seems that women have more of a tendency to share details of their life while men generally prefer to keep them private. It’s especially true when a relationship has been going on for some time. Women are especially interested in help with a long-term relationship and as result they’re more inclined to talk about them.

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