Everyone wants to have a healthy relationship with that perfect partner. Sometimes the relationship becomes the center of your whole world that everything else comes in second place, and unfortunately that usually includes yourself.

It’s not healthy to always be around your partner. You have to spend some of your time focusing on yourself so that you can be refreshed and renewed. It doesn’t matter if they’re new lovers or experienced partners, this important truism is frequently overlooked by people in a relationship.

Some people spend so much time with their partner that they feel lost and alone when they’re left alone for any period of time. Below are some suggestions on how you can better take care of yourself so that you’ll be whole and complete when you spend time with your lover:

Sit back and relax at home with a good novel, lose yourself in a mystery, suspense or romance. Quiet time at home enjoying a good book without any interruptions can energize you when you meet up with your partner again.

Another way you can spend some time with yourself is to watch a movie, watch one that your partner wouldn’t normally watch. It’s really quite okay for you to have your own taste, you don’t always have to conform your likes to what your partner wants.

Visit your family. Renewing your ties with your family is one way to keep your relationship healthy. We often alienate our own family in favor of a new love interest.

Have fun with your friends. Spending time with your friends allows you to let loose and be yourself without worrying how you’re coming across to the other person. If your partner exhibits jealousy to an extreme level, then you may want to reconsider whether it’s a healthy bond.

Play sports or do your favorite hobby. There might be some activities that interest only you and not your partner, you shouldn’t feel bad if you want to spend a few hours on your own doing it. Take in a friendly game with someone or just play a round by yourself. If making clothes interests you, then go do it. You don’t need to have your partner with you in everything that you do.

Sit back on a relaxing hot tub. Pamper yourself with a bubble bath, hot tub, whirlpool or massage. Relieve yourself of all that stress so that you’ll be loose and limber when you hook up with your lover.

Go browse some shops. You can go shopping and pick up something for yourself. You might even use the time to buy your sweetheart a little present. Now might be the time to dine on that exotic cuisine that your partner can’t stand, this time you won’t have to worry about giving him or her an indigestion. Just spend the day out in the city and look at the sights.

Some “couple” time and some “me” time will keep your relationship healthy. Be sure to plan a healthy dose of both in your relationship. And when your partner begins to find his own me time, allow him the freedom to reconnect to his own soul, too.

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